username(s): yoru2kei / 01001011, kcirt, plvs br00kSlamDunk, nai2k, nailxiv

TMI: 🩸: O+ zodiac: 🐉 ♊️ MBTI: INFJ-T

I would prefer it if you referred to me as kei or K, my online name

I am an aspiring video game developer/engineer. I want to dabble in all things STEM/STEAM (including arts!) It would be cool to make all aspects of a video game from scratch! From character design, ui, story telling, to voice acting... so much to learn 😰 I want to be a well-rounded person

this site is still


I'm still new to this so apologies for the rough look of my website and thank you for your patience.

I am currently trying to make a separate personal website as my main and this is where I have fun and experiment.

check out my links to see what I'm up to in other sites. More info is also in the extras page :DD



I think; therefore I am. - Descartes
To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom. - Socrates